Be good to your self, save your time and your dime
Hi, we’re Kocostar. We make easy to use salon quality products to get your hair silky, your feet pretty and your nails sparkly quickly and affordably. Spending money at the salon is such a fail. Have a salon experience right at home. Save your time and your dime!

Try our Foot Therapy

Have you had one of those moments when you feel your nails are weak and your cuticles dried?
Our Nail Therapy formula was created to provide you with a simple home solution to maintain healthy looking nails without the hassle of going to the nail salon.

Meet Foot Therapy, your feet’s new bff. It’s packed full of hypoallergenic, beautifying botanicals that will treat your feet to an exfoliating staycation.
Simply pop out the cute booties, snip them in half and slip your feet in. Set the tabs for a snug fit and your treatment has begun! Kick up your feet, and watch your favourite flick. Rinse away the treatment and say hello to fresh feet you’ll want to flaunt!